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CES Tech Talk

Dec 28, 2021

Is it a look at the future of mobility or the future of sports? Tune in to CES Tech Talk with James Kotecki and Energy Systems Network President and CEO, Paul Mitchell to learn more about automotive innovation and how the technology behind a high speed motor vehicle can be applied to other industries. 

Dec 21, 2021

This week on CES Tech Talk, Abbott joins the show to discuss how biosensing tech, remote cardiac care unbound by borders and a concussion blood test are nearer to being realities than ever before. This is the future of healthcare technology that’s unlocking the possibility of you.


  • Beth McQuiston, M.D., R.D.,...

Dec 14, 2021

One of Oprah’s Favorite Things, Hydrow rowing machines create immersive experience of live and on-demand workouts from the water. Tune in to the latest CES Tech Talk to hear James Kotecki’s conversation with Hydrow CEO and Founder Bruce Smith about how these experiences come together and what to expect at CES.

Dec 7, 2021

This week, James Kotecki chats with two innovators in the NFT space – Dillon Rosenblatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Autograph, and Roxy Fata, Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Objects. Tune in to learn how NFTs are changing the way we collect and view items in the digital world.

Nov 30, 2021

Join James Kotecki as he talks with Neeraj Gupta, VP and GM of Space Destinations at Sierra Space. The company recently announced a partnership with Blue Origin to build a private space station called Orbital Reef.