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CES Tech Talk

Oct 16, 2023

The waves, the spray, the exhilaration that typify the boating lifestyle are within reach with technology Brunswick is applying to maritime experiences. The company has leveraged a range of innovations to become the largest recreational marine company in the world. CEO David Foulkes explains how Brunswick’s systems, sensors, joystick controls, GPS and more give boaters what they want, whether they’re beginners, seasoned seafarers or weekend water warriors. For example:

  • Brunswick’s autonomous tech uses sensors and controls familiar to gamers to head off, among other issues, docking complexities that can plague even experienced boaters. That’s important when the docking site is a tight fit or located in choppy water.

  • The connected and electric components of the ACES (autonomous, connected, electric and shared) framework mean, respectively, that boats can be monitored and secured remotely, and propelled more sustainably with electric outboard motors.

  • Through Brunswick’s Freedom Boat Club, which is the largest of its type in the world, membership affords access to some 400 boating locations and 5000 vessels across the U.S., Europe and beyond. With more than 100,000 members, club participants benefit from variety, convenience and carefree maintenance.

  • Look for the marina of the future by Brunswick at CES 2024. The exhibit will demonstrate the diversity of Brunswick boats, as well as the accompanying technology, and new formats including e-foils and e-surfboards.