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CES Tech Talk

Oct 30, 2023

Think of high-speed gaming and esports with almost imperceptible latency levels of about .5 milliseconds. Then, remove the wires and add virtually impregnable security. That’s what Li-Fi, or light fidelity, delivers. Now, PhotonFi is making the tech available in the U.S. With a host of applications and performance advantages over Wi-Fi and wired options, PhotonFi and Li-Fi are poised to change the gaming, esports and streaming landscape. Find out how it works in this episode of CES Tech Talk with PhotonFi COO Mike Fasulo and Gamer World News CEO Gayle Dickie. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • To gauge the market opportunity for PhotonFi and the Li-Fi tech, consider that: Some 3.2 billion gamers around the world are growing the sector to about $4 billion in revenue. The U.S. has more than 45 million esports viewers with total prize money in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Li-Fi is deployed primarily in Europe for mostly military, aerospace, financial and transportation purposes but is moving to gaming markets.

  • PhotonFi’s Mike Fasulo notes that the tech is ideal for larger-scale IT, enterprise and gaming organizations. It’s not yet feasible for at-home or individual use.

  • Good news for when the tech is more consumer-ready for gamers and esports athletes: Activating it will be as simple as inserting a dongle into any standard gaming device and selecting Li-Fi for the network connection.