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CES Tech Talk

May 9, 2023

With the largest podcast network in the U.S. and Canada, SXM Media has a lot to offer listeners – and brands seeking to target audiences with extreme precision. The company has mastered advertising technology, or ad tech, employing it to steer advertising to better target audiences that creators seek while informing listeners in ways that entertain. SXM Media, by the way, knows how to advertise with impact. It’s the combined sales organization of Sirius XM Holdings, Inc., which includes the Pandora and Stitcher platforms, and their audiences totaling some 150 million listeners. So, what does SXM Media do in advertising that others don’t? SXM Media ad SVP Lizzie Widhelm shares deep insights gleaned from 17 years in the audio-entertainment space. She also brings first-person experience from her role as creator of the popular Lady Space podcast.