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CES Tech Talk

Dec 18, 2023

With a global workforce of 730,000, Accenture knows how businesses in virtually every market sector are getting work done, and how they’re investing their tech dollars. As Accenture’s Paul Daugherty explains, this mammoth consultancy knows companies’ backstories because Accenture is helping to write them. In this episode of CES Tech Talk, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Daugherty discusses how generative AI is being used, and how space-oriented technologies are rolling out. He also introduces the cinema-worthy terms “quantum supremacy” and “metaverse continuum.” Listen closely to catch Daugherty’s rapid-fire insights that include these:

  • In the health sector, generative AI applications include delivering lifesaving therapies in months versus years. Daugherty details how this may become reality sooner than many thought possible.

  • Space technologies are emerging to address applications that include satellite collision avoidance, Earth imaging, and even interstellar financial transactions.

  • Accenture’s brilliant strategies and solutions often take root among its special teams based in the company’s Accenture Labs and Accenture Ventures organizations. There are more, as Daugherty explains.