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CES Tech Talk

Dec 11, 2023

Kohler reveals the future of bath and kitchen technology in sleek products that also optimize accessibility and wellness. Discover the Kohler approach to unobtrusive, futuristic products that prioritize self-care and cleanliness. From voice-activated showers to touchless faucets and more, learn about personalized shower experiences and energy-efficient designs that cater to consumers who value efficiency without sacrificing quality. Kohler's Stephanie Knuth unveils the company's innovations in sustainable solutions, as well as what's new for spa-like experiences at home in the bath. Don't miss the conversation about Kohler's commitment to comfort, convenience and healthful living through luxurious, energy-efficient and sustainable products. For example:

  • The toilet of tomorrow, the Numi 2.0, blends sleek design with automation. As Kohler will demonstrate at CES 2024, it incorporates touch-free tech with self-cleaning wands, a lid that opens and closes automatically and more.

  • Your shower experience can be controlled almost to the last detail through simple voice commands. Kohler leverages Amazon, Google and Apple platforms so that you need only say, “Hey, Alexa, start my morning shower.” The water will be the temperature you want, and the spray pressure will be to your specifications. You can also pre-set water output to limit waste.

  • Unknot tight muscles without a trip to the spa. The Kohler Stillness Experience is designed for self-care in the bath through a blend of bathtub design, light and sound. Sprig by Kohler adds aromatherapy for a Zen escape in the bathroom.